Concept of Nation State: A Study of Muslim Thought in the Subcontinent


  • Fayyaz Ahmad Farooq Assistant Professor, Institute of Southren Punjab
  • Shabnam Kausar Mphil Scholar, Meerpur University of Science and Technology



Nation State, Islamic State, Nationality, Identity, Solidarity, Unity


قومی ریاست کا تصور: برصغیر کی مسلم فکر کا خصوصی مطالعہ

The concept of nation state has gained popularity in recent times. The institution of state came into being to organize and strengthen human relationships within a society. As a society is an amalgm of individuals, state, as an institution, focuses on creating harmony and brotherhood amongst them. The inception of this concept can be found in western political culture. Western scholars and thinkers can be seen advocating this concept in their writings. However, in Subcontinent some scholars, while questioning the legitimacy of this concept, have highlighted the idea of an Islamic state. In this context, this study tends to examine the concept of nation state in Sub-continent. For this pupose, this paper highlights the concept of nation state given by Islam. As the concepts of nationality and identity are interlinked in an Islamic state, the concept of state given by Islam proves to be more encompassing in comparison to its western counterpart.




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Farooq, F. A., & Shabnam Kausar. (2021). Concept of Nation State: A Study of Muslim Thought in the Subcontinent. Al-Milal: Journal of Religion and Thought, 3(1).