Religious Debate Between Shaikh Ahmed Deedat and Evangelist Anis Sharosh: A Comparative Study


  • Sajjad Ahmed Assistant Professor, Meerpur University of Science and Technology, Azad Kashmir
  • Naqeebullah Muhammad Saddique Doctorial Candidate, Comparative Religion, International Islamic University, Islamabad



Methodology, comparative Religion, Rationality, Polemic


الجدل الديني :المقارنة بين الشيخ ديدات والقس أنيس شروش

Interfaith dialogue has become an essential need in today’s world. As it can be used to solve many international socio-political issues. Islam and Christianity are missionary religions and largely common in various aspect, as both stand as the most popular religions around the globe  and most widely spreading religions of the world. Both always tried to gain a greater degree of popularity and play an important role in decision-making. If the relations between both religions are strained, then it has a great influence on global politics. The world needs a strong debate among religions, especially between Christianity and Islam, to abolish the misunderstanding that exists in the minds of their followers. In past few decades two prominent scholars from both religions had played an important role in this regard. Shaikh Ahmed Deedat emerged as a key Muslim figure from south Africa Who engaged various Christian missionaries in religious dialogue. From other side Dr. Anis sharrosh (d.2018) emerged as a Christian evangelist who debated many famous scholars like deedat. He served for 50 years as an international evangelist in over 80 countries, preaching, defending, and teaching the Christianity. both the intellectuals played a vital role in interfaith dialogue and introduced new methodologies in this regard. Here I liked to write article on this subject in order to see the effects of their dialogue on Islam Christian thoughts, and what are the methods and curriculum they have used?  And what impressions left behind on Christian -Muslim dialogue, so that we can take benefit from them. The major subjects of article are: Understanding of dialogue and its important issues, Opinion of both scholars on religious dialogue and comparison between Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and priest Anis Sharosh in religious debate




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Sajjad Ahmed, & Naqeebullah Muhammad Saddique. (2021). Religious Debate Between Shaikh Ahmed Deedat and Evangelist Anis Sharosh: A Comparative Study. Al-Milal: Journal of Religion and Thought, 3(1).