Theoretical Impact of The Western Intelligentsia on Shahab Ahmad’s Thought: An Analysis


  • Muhammad Iqbal Awan GC University, Lahore
  • Hafiz Khurshid Ahmad Qadri Assistant Professor, Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies, GC University, Lahore



Shahab Ahmad, Islam, Western Education, Orientalism, Prejudicial Supervision, Impacts, Borrowed Theories


This article is explicating the basic theoretical impact of the western school of thought on the oeuvre of Shahab Ahmad (1966 – 2015), who was educated in the western institutions throughout his life. Although some people have written on several aspects of Shahab’s thought but his susceptibility remained undiscussed yet. Employing the analytical methodology, it becomes obvious that Shahab had a great working relationship with Islamicists. As a result, he used to beinfluenced by their thought even in the basic Islamic creeds like the divine status of the Holy Prophetﷺ and process of the revelation. Harris and Donner are the most referred to Islamicists in his book “Before Orthodoxy”. He also befitted in regard of ‘Prophetic history’ from GRD King, and his concept of ‘Abrogation’ indebted to John Burton. Another Islamicist Michael Cook – the supervisor of Shahab’s Ph.D. dissertation – also played an influential role in his academic life. Shahab has penned some works also in collaboration with some other Islamicists, which compelled him not to offer any salutation with the beloved name of the Holy Prophet ﷺ. He delivered many theoretically infected and borrowed dogmas like the concept of a ‘fallible Prophet’, re-conceptualization of Islam only as a culture, his negation of the centrality of fiqh etc. Conclusively, all these displayed a strong theoretical impact of the western intelligentsia on Shahab’s thought. Further, the way of Shahab’s basic learning of Islamic theology is recommended to be enlightened to unveil the real western influence on him.




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Muhammad Iqbal Awan, & Hafiz Khurshid Ahmad Qadri. (2021). Theoretical Impact of The Western Intelligentsia on Shahab Ahmad’s Thought: An Analysis . Al-Milal: Journal of Religion and Thought, 3(1).