Impact of Dramas on Pakistani Muslim Family System: An Analysis in Islamic Perspective


  • Farhat Aziz Associate Professor of Islamic Studies Lahore College for Women University, Lahore.
  • Samina Saadia Assistant Professor, Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center, Punjab University Lahore



Impact, Drama, Pakistan, Family, System, Islam


 Muhammad (ﷺ) declared marriage to be his Sunnah. We still remember the days of our childhood when we used to go to a wedding with our parents, it was like a strange joy. There was a noticeable difference between rural and urban celebrations. Wedding ceremonies in the villages would have a sense of simplicity that would bring inner joy and the memory of such a ceremony would not fade away for months. There was a separate enjoyment of wedding ceremonies in the cities. There were no marriage halls and the wedding ceremonies were held all week long. Keeping them free from all forms of cruelty has been the hallmark of good relationships in the past. The family system has a special significance in the societies of the world. Family ceremonies are performed in a special religious way. There is a special spirituality in it, which gives sanctity and reverence to this relationship. Allah Almighty blesses man with his blessings and mercy like children. One of the reasons for the new generation's social disorientation is foreign culture in our dramas and films that have brought our culture, customs and Islamic identity to a particularly dangerous juncture. If we want to preserve our culture and customs, we have to stop it. It is not only the responsibility of the government but we are also a part of this society. In this article the Impact of Dramas on Pakistani Muslim Family System, would be analyzed after citation of maximum amount of Pakistani drama’s based on other cultures and through an analysis in Islamic Perspective.




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