The Concept of Hereafter in Zoroastrianism and Islam: A Comparative and Analytical Study


  • Mahboob Alam Farooqi PhD Scholar, Department of Isalmic Studies, UET Lahore,
  • Zahid Latif Assistant Professor, Department of Isalmic Studies, UET Lahore



Zoroastrianism, Eschatology, Analytical Study, Islamic Perspective


e know the terminologies and traditions of this religion. Main two spirits are Ahura Mazda (god of pleasure and goodness) and Ahriman(god of evil)  and seven more main spirits  which  are  called  as  angels  are  Amesha  spentas  which show  the  actual  spirit  and  direction  of  this  ancient  religion. Some  of  the  concepts  and  traditions  are  same  which  exists  in Islam but with different names and features, like prayers and matters after death, heaven and hell. In this article, main focus is on concept  and theology about Hereafter( Ākhirah) of this ancient  its actual spirit to get the basic information and main themes for initial  reader  of  this  religion  from  Islamic  theological perspective .  No doubt, Zoroastrianism is one the distorted religions exist on earth yet because of the similarity of various rituals with Islam. However, Zoroastrianism is being considered revealed religion and Zoroaster as true prophet of Allah. This study will promulgate awareness about the Eschatology and Concept about Hereafter in Zoroastrianism and Islam comparatively study and will provide guidance to the new researchers about this topic.




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Mahboob Alam Farooqi, & Zahid Latif. (2021). The Concept of Hereafter in Zoroastrianism and Islam: A Comparative and Analytical Study. Al-Milal: Journal of Religion and Thought, 3(1).