اسلامی اور مغربی تناظر میں آزادی اظہارِ رائے کا تقابلی جائزہ

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Freedom of Expression: A Comparative Study from Islamic & Western Perspective

Living on the earth is all about freedom and as we know that the first man on the earth Adam was sent on the earth with the freedom to worship only to Allah. This freedom is a blessing of Allah and the value of it would only be judged in the era of slavery. It is an ultimate principle in Islam that the total submission is to be Allah alone. Thus, a man would never be a slave of any other person and whenever they become a slave to any other authority they are treated inhumanly. Allah (SW) made this glorious world for human beings and granted them the status of Ashraf ul Makhlūq. Human has such value which can be testified by this reason that everything is tightened to them and the world is only created for them. But human can only be benefited from the world till they are better for them and others, living friendly and create atmosphere of peace. So, till the end they will be benefited and blessed. They will also be in peace and freedom if they take care and have the respect for humanity. As man is a social animal and doesn’t live without his community. Sometimes due to controversy in thinking and other routes fall in conflicts, for which a proper law is administered. The differences in views are not forbidden. It is important, not to cross limits and to create peaceful atmosphere in order to rest humanity in peace and make the world peaceful. This article deals with the comparison of Islamic freedom of expression and the modern Western criterion of freedom of speech. The study concludes that the Islamic and western thought on freedom is different from each other.  In this study comparative and critical approach is adopted.

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