Religiosity for Promotion of Behavior: Role of Islamic Worships in Moral Development of Muslim Youth


  • Farhat Nisar Assistant Professor, COMSATS University, Islamabad.
  • Aasia Rashid Assistant Professor, NUML Islamabad, Lahore Campus, Pakistan.


Religiosity, Promotion of Behavior, Spirituality, Training, Youth, Rituals, Morals


The question of moral rectitude and upbringing of youth in the current social arena is the contemporary discovery attributed to social and family norms that also undergo change due to social and economic reasons. Consequently, deferring levels of piety become more or less acceptable according to an individual’s surroundings and age. The study was done to determine the association between religiosity and behaviors likely to improve the moral, social and psychological habits of young Muslims. The discussion of the article contextualizes the effects of observing practices of Islam on a larger scale. A sample study of this research can be used as evidence to counter the contemporary environment which inevitably generates contradictions for young people. The contradictions result in uncertainty and materialistic atmosphere which does not cater to their spiritual needs and the requirements to develop as the youth of Ummah. Yet, we cannot stop or avoid the negative channels and their effects prevailing on the internet. We can; however, extend the positive spiritual energy in youth that is only possible through careful observance of religious practices comprising regular prayers, fasting, charity and pilgrimage (Hajj). The current apathy of our youth towards the religious injunctions may be attributed to social and family norms that are in some cases relative to the economic conditions and social backup. This will evaluate and assess the way and means of effective inlaying of moral fields where our young people can improve their moral aptitude and rectitude. The impasse of current moral turpitude can be shattered with the bounding relation of human activity and Islamic ritual.




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