Cohesion Theory and the Story of Prophet Noah: A Comparative Study of Al bidaya wa al-Nihaya and King James Bible


  • Muhammad Faisal Faculty of Arabic, International Islamic University Islamabad



cohesion, coherence, comparetive, story of Noah, Textuality


نظرية التماسك و قصة نوح عليه السلام: دراسة مقارنة لبداية والنهاية وملك جيم بائبل نموذجا

The Textual grammar has become a separate field of modern linguistics. It is combination of different lingual rules, methods and curriculums to analyze literary texts, religious Scriptures, and human speeches/discourses in the field of modern criticism in both languages and literatures. However these studies became a distinct area for research in scientific advancement in the academic world in general, and especially in the Arab and Muslim world. Many scholars of the modern Arabs resorted to this area in response to those who denied these studies in Arabic grammar, and blamed the ancient Arab grammarians that they were sentence grammarians" nuhāt al jumlah" , and they were not know the textual linguistics, so the modern Arab scholars began translating Western books in this area to know their origins. They understand that non-Arabs were dealing with ancient Arab’s methods and criteria which have been used in Arabic texts in the earlier time in terms of: al-nazm, al-tarābut, al-tālif, al-fasl wal-wasl, al-munāsbāt, etc. The main objective of this study is to prove this theory’s roots in the studies of ancient Arab scholars and also have look at the modern linguists and their methods of applications regarding the theory of “cohesion” in the light of Arabic and English texts in terms of comparative study. While the methodology followed during the research work is theoretical, applied and contrastive curriculum in the story Noah (PBUH) between Arabic and English. The paper explores the many types of coherence and cohesion theory and identifies the phonetics, morphological, syntactical, pragmatically and semantically textual cohesiveness in the light of Noah story’s discourse analysis.




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Muhammad Faisal. (2021). Cohesion Theory and the Story of Prophet Noah: A Comparative Study of Al bidaya wa al-Nihaya and King James Bible. Al-Milal: Journal of Religion and Thought, 3(1).