Effects of Hindu Civilization on Muslim Culture and Civilization: A Review from Pakistan’s Context

  • Samina Nasir Faculty Member, Beaconhouse School System, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Keywords: Civilization, Casteism, Beliefs, Culture, Effects, Rituals, Society


مسلم تہذیب و تمدن پر ہندؤ تہذیب کے اثرات: پاکستانی تناظر میں جائزہ

Islam provides a complete and comprehensive concept of civilization that includes all aspects of human life and provides a complete philosophy of life. Generally speaking a civilization is the expression of any philosophy or belief that develops into the political, social, economical and cultural norms. Main focus of the present research is the impact of Hindu civilization on our society, we see that by living with the Hindu society, their beliefs, casteism, rituals, have influenced the people around them. Pakistan is and always has been an amalgam of a diverse culture. Pakistan has a rich culture without a doubt, but this culture is in the line of fire in association to powerful Indian culture. From birth to death, there are small rituals that were normally associated with Hindus, have also slowly mixed with Islamic culture and have become inseparable. Change in the social life of Muslims of subcontinent is due to conversion of a large number of Hindus to Islam. They accepted the preaching of Islam but did not give up their practices and rituals. Consequently, their rituals and practices were incorporated into the Muslim society. Some social ceremonies associated with births, deaths, and marriages were influenced by Hindu culture. It is a fact that media played a great role in propagating Hindu culture. Therefore, in this article, efforts are made to analyze all the factors due to which we are facing challenges of Hindu civilization and how we can get rid of its impacts on Muslims thoughts, culture and society. Allah Almighty says: O people, who believe in Allah, enter the whole circle of Islam. So, to address all above-mentioned challenges, a comparative and analytical research methodology with qualitative paradigm has been conducted in this research paper. At the end, solutions have been provided.

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