Historical and Evolutionary Analysis of Reasons and Causes of Objections of Orientalism on Prophet’s Biography

  • Bakht Shaid PhD Scholar, Department of Hadith, International Islamic Univeristy, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Hafiz Muhammad Sani Federal Urdu University of Arts Science & Technology, Abdul Haq Campus, Karachi, Pakistan.
Keywords: Interfaith harmony, present era, divine books, religious personalities, peace


سیرت طیبہ پر استشراقی فکر کے اعتراضات کے اسباب و عوامل کا تاریخی و ارتقائی جائزہ

Over the course of time and with the rapid increase in human population need for mutual relations become crucial. Resultantly on behalf of this closeness, separation, anti-standpoints and comparisons also emerged. As the time passed by hatred and hypocrisy and other social vices spread on large scale. Thus human society was waiting for such liberator who may lead and work for the betterment of this society. With the dawn of Islamic civilization all such issues were not only resolved but also provided with a model for containing the difference of opinion and multiple traditions under its unique worldview. Islamic History presents itself as a model where the minorities were provided with the opportunities of participating in political, social, educational and collective affairs. Thus in a society where tyranny, injustice, un-forbearance, religious intensity, terrorism and the activities of violating the human rights were very common, were substituted by the Islamic ideal  of forbearance. It is argued here that the solution of all these issues was only in religion contrary to what is being claimed about an idea of social harmony where religion is not given its due position. Today its our dire need to develop a sense of harmony, modesty, affection and peacefulness among the masses of various religions of Pakistani society. It is further argued that for this very noble cause all the religious scholars and their followers can come forward playing their pertinent role.


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Shaid, B., & Muhammad Sani, H. (2020). Historical and Evolutionary Analysis of Reasons and Causes of Objections of Orientalism on Prophet’s Biography. Al-Milal: Journal of Religion and Thought, 2(1), 274-296. https://doi.org/10.46600/almilal.v2i1.66