The Tradition of Innovation in Islamic Civilization: An Exclusive Study of Early Ages of Islam

  • Allah Ditta FG College Multan Cantt, Pakistan.
  • Hafiz Muhammad Hasan Mahmood PhD Scholar, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan.
Keywords: Culture, Civilization, Islamic Civilization, Quran, Sunnah, Islamic Jurisprudence


اسلامی تہذیب میں تازہ کاری کی روایت: قرون اولی کا اختصاصی مطالعہ

Islamic civilization was founded by the Holy Prophet (May blessings of Allah and peace be upon him) right from the beginning of Islam. Each civilization and every culture are deeply affected by the concurrent cultures and civilizations and it used to adopt and borrow many things from other civilizations. Similarly, Islamic civilization and culture borrowed many aspects from other prevailing civilizations. With the passing day, these intercultural relations and exchanges became the part and parcel of the Islamic civilization. Such communications, and they have marked all epochs in Islamic history, occur in greatly diverse ways. The Holy Prophet also approved some traditions in this regard and the four Caliphs adopted many customs too. This reflects the adoption and concluding from other civilizations is not prohibited in every case, but this adoption must not be against Islamic teachings. Now a days, the entire world has become a worldwide town because of internet and technological developments. It is relatively obvious that Muslims are adopting many things from western civilization and culture without knowing its legitimacy or illegitimacy. Resultantly, these activities apparently become the chunk of Islamic civilization. This investigation seeks guidance from golden period of Islam i.e. early centuries of Islam and describes its validity or voidness. In this article, these experiences of Islamic civilization and culture in adopting and concluding from other civilizations and cultures have been conferred and their principles and opinion of the prominent scholars, in this context, been talked about in the light of Islamic teachings. This study will promulgate awareness about the tradition of innovation in Islamic civilization and will provide guidance to the new researchers about this topic.


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Ditta, A., & Muhammad Hasan Mahmood, H. (2020). The Tradition of Innovation in Islamic Civilization: An Exclusive Study of Early Ages of Islam. Al-Milal: Journal of Religion and Thought, 2(1), 297-321.